And so I begin…

 I hear the ping of my video call and it take me back for a moment to another place, another Master, and yet I see the face and the magnificent body of this Master. He enjoys showing off for me and anyone else I imagine. He’s a bit of an exhibitionist. He also wants me to tell him what I am doing to him in my mind as he watches me pleasure myself. (This impudent comment gets me a hard smack to the ass).

I am naked in bed and waiting for you…

Hello, Sir, I'm crawling onto the bed, my breasts swaying enticingly, as I lean over and kiss you lightly on the lips.

Your lips are hot on mine, the tender nibbles turn to carnal need, a flashpoint of fire. I can never get enough of your kisses. Your thumb pulls on my chin, forcing my mouth open as you demand entrance with your tongue.

You sweep my mouth, dueling tongues, mimicking our lovemaking. Your hand cups my head, the thumb near my ear gently caressing my cheek. I feel all the sensations, the connection we share in the kiss.

My hand rests on your chest above your heart, where I can feel your heart rate increase as we continue our kisses. My other

hand rubs your neck, a gentle massage, simply to be closer to you. I pull back slightly and look into your eyes, wanting to see the desire you have for me. I am not disappointed. It is there. The fire, the intensity, you look at me as if I am the most beautiful creature you have ever seen. I know I am not; but now, just at this moment, I feel it. And it takes my breath away...

You are as beautiful as you imagine…and even more… You shift to a sitting position and pull me astride you, my breasts crushed to your chest. I glance down, my nipples so hard they ache with the connection to your body. You tug on my hair, bringing my gaze back to you..."Give me your mouth," you command, and my body catches fire. Our kisses turn carnal as I suck on your lower lip, pulling it, then back to taste your tongue, sucking it as I wish to kiss and suck every intimate part of you. I long to be closer. I melt onto your body, feeling your erection against my bottom. I know my wetness is evident. I can't help that it makes me feel so alive, so wanton!

I wiggle my hips until your erection is nestled against the cleft of my ass then rub it against you, feeling you twitch. Your hands cup my cheeks, pulling them apart as you thrust against my bottom, curving into the valley while your mouth continues its relentless assault on my lips. (You lift your head to speak but continue to finger me. I moan. I’m so close.)

The backside of your body is just as inviting as the front...running my hands across your smooth back, kneading the stress of the day away. Light fingertips down your spine, males you shiver in response; a press at the divot at the base, cupping that firm bottom, feeling my fingers flex against the muscle, reminding me of how it feels to clutch you to me as I enter you.