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October 17, 2016





Simply a Connection….


Have you ever had an intense connection with someone you’ve never met? Can you sense the tone of an email and know what’s hiding between the lines? Did you ever just “know” in your heart that the person on the other end of an online chat is a kindred spirit? What about that feeling? Is it instinct? Empathy? Chemistry? What exactly is it that makes one person gravitate to another at first sight?

I started pondering this as I wrote book four, Love, Marriage & Mayhem, of the Tempered Steel Series, and, at first, it was about the romance factor, the pitfalls and joys of finding that soul mate. But it applies to every facet of our lives as well. In business, it can be a gut instinct that a partnership or project will be successful with the right group of people. In our social life, it is that group of people that just “get us”, whether or not there are similar interests. In love, it’s that moment when someone makes your heart skip a beat, then settle back as you connect for the first time. 

But can you trust that connection? What if that business project looks good on paper, but is fraught with disaster from the onset? The friends you thought had your back, are suddenly too busy to care, to socialize because of lifestyle changes? That heart stopping moment dwindles at the realization that there are too many obstacles in the way of nurturing that connection into something more?

It’s simply a connection. What we make of that connection is entirely up to us.

I’ve made some big changes in 2015.  I elected to take a chance on my writing and cut back on my other career. I’ve made some wonderful connections in the literary world…and I’ve made some enemies.  I’ve learned about marketing, advertising, and networking…and I’ve made some mistakes.  I’ve opened my mind and expanded my heart to include new people and experiences…and I’ve embarrassed myself along the way.

Life is a journey….but should I follow the path or take off for parts unknown? It is entirely up to me.

There are even more changes coming in 2016. More adventures, more embarrassment, I’m sure, more joy, more sorrow. I have followed the path laid out for me for many years without question, without opinion, simply because it was expected. But now, I’m blazing a new trail, filled with uncertainty, insecurity, and yes, excitement.  I know there will be friends and family that won’t understand my need to do this – they are happy to follow the path. They find comfort in the norm.  Hopefully, they will still support my need to venture further than what they find comfortable.  It is a connection I hope will not be severed by my decisions, but it’s a chance I’m going to take.

We cannot be held responsible for another’s decisions. That is part of their journey, not ours.

Perhaps you, too, have new friends, new colleagues, or new paths to forge. If so, I wish you confidence in your decisions, happiness in your heart, and contentment within your soul.

And those connections?

Well, they are simply connections. But again, what we do with those connections is up to us. They are important, however, in some definitive way to our journey. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have connected at all.

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