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I’m no Girl Scout, But…

March 7, 2018


Packing for a vacation can be time consuming; packing for vacation AND book signings is an adventure in itself! And just for fun, let’s add starting a spinoff series of the most popular books in your repertoire (Tempered Steel Series) by releasing the first book in the new series (Legends) at your first book signing of the year.


Well, you get the idea.  I’ve overextended myself yet again. It happens to most of us at one time or

another, but what to do about it? Organization is the key. While, all the apps and gadgets on our phones and tablets are handy, I still prefer to keep a “hard copy” of my agenda and necessary tasks. To that end, I use a daily planner with a note section like Blue Sky Day Designer. Then, I begin to plot out the basics of what I will need for the signings.

Obviously, books! So, I head over to CreateSpace to order all of them. You can check them all out at my website, https://www.maggieadamsbooks.com under the books tab.

Next, I’m going to need paper bags for sales, labels for the paper bags, pens for autographs, and business cards. I can make all of it with a good color printer, well, except the paper bags. I can even make my own bookmarks if I like, but it’s easier for my local print shop to do it, especially the two-sided ones I like. I like Avery paper for everything else this because I know it’s a quality product.

Now, this is the bare minimum that I would suggest bringing to a signing. However, if you’re craftsy, then you can make lots of extras to hand out to potential buyers and fans. I’ve seen custom keychains, necklaces, charms, buttons, rubber bracelets, even oils and lotions. Whatever you as an author can use to identify with your books is usually acceptable.

Now, I also include waters and snacks because you never know if you’re going to be able to go to the bathroom, let alone have time for lunch! And that’s a good thing! You’re selling, meeting new fans, hugging old fans! It’s mass chaos at your table because you’ve sold out and they are beginning to riot, demanding your books! Well, maybe tone that down a bit, but the fact is, you never know what you are going to encounter at a signing, so like a Boy Scout, be prepared. I even have a little bag with a notepad, scissors, tape and a sewing kit.

In addition to all that, as a new author, I have to stand out. As you have probably guessed, my lips are my logo, but do you know why? It came about because my family suggested them as I love to talk so a mouth would be the obvious choice! After promising to eviscerate them in print for their smart-ass comments, I had to agree that it was a good choice. I picked pink instead of red because it seemed that everyone in the book world was using red for everything. Again, I would stand out, right? Well, I stand out all right! When I ordered the banner, I simply picked the biggest one, go big or go home! I got more than I bargained for… readers can’t miss me, even in a crowded event. I’m the one with the GIANT PINK LIPS  on an 8 foot banner! Yeah, sort of overdid the logo too, but again, you can’t miss me!

I try to get around as much as possible, but with two grandbabies coming in 2018, I’m sticking pretty close to home this year. I’ll be in Cocoa Beach, FL, on June 1st, then Peoria, IL on July 21st, then Kansas City on Sept. 8th, then back home to St. Louis at the end of Sept.  Next year, I’d like to go east or west, but we will see. Attractive Over Forty Man may have different ideas.

Did I mention AOFM (attractive over forty man)comes with me to all my events? I laughingly told him he was my bodyguard against the world. He replied that he was protecting the world from me and my shenanigans.

He’s probably right.

I hope I’ve given you an idea of what I do to prepare for book signings and some insight into my fun but crazy world.  Until next time, keep the fights clean and the sex dirty!




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