Frequently asked questions

Tell us about yourself:

See? This is the hard question. I think I’m normal, but I guess it depends on who you ask. I’ve been
married to my high school sweetheart for almost 30 years; I have two wonderful children who are
practically perfect in every way; I’m doing what I love to do as my career – and yet, by the dark of the
night, when the moon is full, I have an irresistible urge to break into mausoleums and…..

What is your inspiration for writing?

Life. The news, a song, a conversation in an airport – anything and everything can get the creative juices
flowing, so to speak.
Although I listen to classical music when I write, I get most of my dialogue ideas dancing around,
listening to music. I find a song that reflects what I’m trying to express or sets a scene, and away I go!

Out of all your books/series, which has been your favorite to write so far:

My favorite isn’t even published as yet. It’s romantic erotica. It’s about a 40 something woman who is
dumped by her husband for not being “enough”. She enlists the aid of a Dom in Residence to assess her
sexual prowess. Throughout their “exercises”, she discovers the sensual woman that only he can bring
out in her. It’s aptly called, “The Critique.”

Do you have a fav character or quote from any of your books you can share with us:

My favorite character is Dixie from Whistlin’ Dixie. She’s quite a spitfire! I wish I was that outspoken and
strong. And yet she’s vulnerable and innocent at the same time. It was such fun writing her scenes with
Mac. I’d get so worked up, my husband would come home and I’d be spitting mad at men in general.
He’d just shake his head and tell me to let him know when Dixie left the house. lol

Do you have any unusual writing habits:

Other than channeling my characters and yelling at my husband? lol Not really. I do the dancing thing a
lot, especially when I’m stuck. In the past, I would close my eyes to try and picture the scene, but I
usually just fell asleep and I’d wake up when I cracked my head on the keyboard.

What is your favorite part about writing:

I LOVE that moment when it all comes together. When I can look at something I wrote and know, in my
heart, “yep, that’s it. That’s exactly what I was trying to convey.” So often, I feel like no matter how good
my book seems to be, I can always find something that I would do different, or add to, or whatever. Of
course, that’s usually after I’ve hit “publish”.

What is your least favorite part about writing:

When I Can’t find the words to pull that emotion out of my characters. It’s so frustrating! No matter
what I put down on paper, it sounds like crap and I wonder why I’m even bothering, I can’t write, I’m a
horrible fake, Nobody likes me; everybody hates me; I’m going to eat a worm…(Yeah, I throw a little pity
party, complete with tequila, hence, the worm)

Would you give yourself any advice from when you first started writing to how far you've come now:

Start promoting yourself before you even start to promote your book. Join the readers’ groups on
Facebook, Yahoo, Good Reads, etc. Make friends and fans so that you will have the support when that
first book is published. I just wrote it and put it out there….totally naïve. But it worked for me. I think
God took pity on me and sent me a wonderful group of new friends and fans to help me out.

What's the best advice you've ever received:

Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty and you’ll have a happy marriage.
(my grandma on my wedding day)

If you could meet any four authors (living or dead), who? & why?:

Alexander Dumas – his stories are full of swashbuckling adventure and romance
Jane Austen – she gave a woman’s perspective when it wasn’t socially acceptable to do so.
Jayne Ann Krentz – because she is my all time fave author. She has humor, romance, suspense in every
book. And she does it like a time traveler!
Any of the authors of the Bible – because that would be cool.