His breath sent shivers of desire down Georgia’s spine as he traced a path of kisses along her collarbone. Surrendering for the moment, she wound her arms around his neck, ruffling his black hair. She pressed herself against him. He kissed her, his mouth slanting over hers, again and again. Part of her brain vaguely recalled that she had made the decision to stop doing this with Chance. But her body now controlled her mind, and she found herself rejoicing that she was once again in his arms. This time, there would be no reason to stop their love play.

Chance’s hands were lightly massaging her breasts through her faded cotton shirt, his very touch igniting a fire she didn’t try to extinguish, while his kisses branded her as his woman, if only for the night. His tongue invaded her mouth to mate with hers, reenacting the intimate act of love.

Chance was driving her to the brink of sexual insanity. Would it be so bad just to give in? Just for one night? If only she could have just one night of making love with Chance, just one fabulous night to

always remember, to hold dear to her heart and keep close in her memories, forever. She knew she’d never find this kind of rapture with another man, so why not take advantage of the special time they had together? Her body caught fire, as her mind let go of her worries and inhibitions. There was only tonight and this wonderful man. The man she loved. She’d worry about the consequences tomorrow. With a sigh of surrender, she reached down to caress him through his shirt.

“Georgia?” Chance felt the change in her body. She was soft and willing. “I want you to want this freely and willingly. No regrets and no recriminations. Only then, can I show you how wonderful making love can be.”

Georgia looked up into his questioning eyes, and nodded quickly, afraid she would lose her nerve if she voiced her acceptance out loud. Instead, she scooted off his lap and took his hand.

She led him up the stairs to her bedroom. Once there, she wasn’t sure what to do, so she concentrated on turning on the bedside lamp. She felt totally awkward. She plumped the pillows and rearranged the covers. She could feel Chance staring at her, but he never said a word. What exactly is normal protocol inviting a man to bed? Georgia’s mouth felt dry, her palms sweaty. Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea at all.

“Honey, look at me.” Chance put his hands on her shoulders and she stiffened, but he turned her around to face him. Tilting her chin up, he tenderly kissed her lips, then her cheeks, and finally, her forehead. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. I want you, but I can and will control myself until you’re ready. We have all night, and more, together. Don’t be nervous. Just relax.”

He massaged her shoulders gently, but she was still stiff as a board. He needed to calm her down. “Hey,” he said softly, “I’m going to make love to you, eventually. We can just sit here all night long, and I’ll hold you,” he hugged her to him, “and kiss you,” he kissed her nose, “and touch you,” he ran his hands down her back, “until you’re ready to trust me for more. I’m in no hurry, Peaches.” He laughed ruefully. “Well, maybe a bit of a hurry. I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I want you. But I promise, I’ll be good.”