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Dear Friends,

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally finished the cookbook I promised my family so long ago. Goodness knows, it’s more than simply a grouping of recipes – it’s a history of trials and joys and sorrows; it’s our life and the lives of those we love, told in the dinners, picnics, lunches, and breakfasts we shared as a family.


Now this is the part where I brag a bit so allow me. I am so proud of my boys! They have turned into honorable, intelligent men, filled with the souls of warriors, hearts of noblemen, and God’s good graces.  I had no idea how to raise a family; mine was definitely nothing to brag about. But Hank and I did good. We did real good. With the help of his dear mother and father, we raised them up tall and strong. And then we let them out into the world to make it a better place.


Lord knows we had no way of knowing just how much evil they would encounter, or the pain and sorrow they would endure, but they got through it all to find the love and happiness we wished for each of them on the day they were born.

So here are the recipes, handed down from family and friends, to share with each of you. Please use them to feed your family and friends, to laugh around a table, to share good news and bad; and to thank God for the many blessings we take for granted every day.


I shall end with what I tell my boys each time they leave my sight. It was what Hank’s momma told him as he left for the Army so long ago, but it still holds true to all who love –

God Bless You and Keep You Safe,


Ginny Coalson

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