His fingers dipped into her pussy, tickling, finding her G spot while his thumb rubbed her clit. He plucked at her nipples with the other hand. Close…she was so close. Just a bit more…

He stopped and walked away, leaving Rebecca aching on the precipice. She heard the clink of ice and a few moments later, he was loosening the gag and holding a glass of alcohol to her lips. “I thought you might be thirsty.”

She took a sip, realizing it was her favorite, American Honey whiskey. He sat the glass on the nightstand. She was unprepared for the dribble of ice that splashed on her back, or the warm tongue that licked it off. She moaned. “Careful, love. All’s quiet.”

Her body was in turmoil. She had thought she was being disciplined, then this slow seduction, taking her to the edge, then backing away, now ice, then his tongue along her spine, inching toward the cleft of her ass. She tensed then relaxed, over and over again as the ice and his wicked mouth teased and tempted her. She tried to stay still, but she couldn’t help but push her ass toward him, seeking his warm breath on her clit. So damn close…

He moved away and she almost cried out in frustration. He removed the handkerchief completely. “You are not allowed to speak.” He sat down at the end of the bed. “But I like your moans.”

She looked at him in askance and he motioned for her to stand in front of him. When she complied, he simply took her hand. “Lie across my knees.”

Her head came up at the command, to stare into his eyes. There was

desire, yes, but banked. Now they blazed with anger.

“You defy me, brat?” He quirked an eyebrow, and smiled slightly, but it didn’t reach his eyes. No, Nick was determined to make his point. Rebecca gulped. She had never seen him this angry.

With a yank, he had her splayed across his knees. She wiggled and received a sharp slap on her thigh. It stung terribly, and she subsided. Maybe if she begged him. “Please, Nick. Don’t do this. Not in anger. I promise I’ll be good.” She curved her back, inviting his touch to her cheeks.

“Oh I’ll take my pleasure, love. After.”

He casually caressed her leg from ankle to inner thigh, brushing against her sex. A finger tracing along the cleft of her ass cheeks gave her a shiver of aching sexual need.  Then nothing.

She tensed, waiting for either the blow or the caress. Her body was in turmoil. It didn’t know what to expect. When the smack finally came, it was almost a relief. Then she tensed again for the next, but there was a tender kiss. Then a finger sliding into her body, slick with her arousal. Heat flooded every inch of her. Confusion came again as he continued to finger her. She was on fire for his touch, aching with her need to orgasm.

He withdrew his fingers, licking them. “So fine.”

Crack! She heard the slap of his hand before she felt the fire on her cheeks, over and over again, until she lost count and began to cry. And still he smacked her. “Do not ever think you can manipulate me! It disrespects both of us! You are mine, Rebecca. Your body belongs to me. Every beautiful inch of it. And putting yourself in danger, endangers what is mine.” Smack, smack, never in the same place, but the burn let loose her emotions, a release of all her fears. She let go completely, allowing the pain to cleanse her.

He stopped abruptly, setting her on her feet, which weren’t at all steady. She touched his knee to regain her balance, but he was there already reaching for her, lifting her, impaling her on his thick cock and pumping forcefully into her. She cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm began to build once again, holding his head as he suckled her breasts, his hands cupping her bottom as he forced her to ride him.

With a growl of satisfaction, he filled her, his thrusts slowing then stopping as his panting breath returned to normal. Rebecca held him close, his head against her breasts, his breath caressing her skin.  She waited for her body to be released as it quivered around his cock, smiling in pleasure. She was exactly where she wanted to be. With Nick, her lover, her champion, her soul mate.

 His head came up and his gaze pinned her. Her grin of happiness dimmed at the distant look in his eyes. He lifted her off of him and walked to the bathroom without a word. He emerged shortly after, donned his shirt and shoes without a word.  He then told her to clean herself up and meet him in the living room. Without another glance at her, he closed the door quietly.

It was at that moment, she knew it was not the spanking, nor the orgasm denial that was to be her punishment for pushing him with her recklessness.  No, his withdrawal of their intimate connection was her punishment. And the fact that he would even consider it, broke her heart.