She saw his hand slowly make its way to the back of her head as he pulled her closer. He still leaned over her, kneeling on the bed, dominating her with his sheer size and strength. Heaven help her, she loved this. She loved being surrounded by his muscle and his power.

“I can smell your need, baby. But you need to help me first.” She smiled and began to unfasten his pants, pulling aside his briefs and grabbing his hard cock. God, he was so big. She loved that he filled her mouth and her pussy with such girth. But she smiled because she knew she could take all of him.

She peeked up at him as she slowly let her tongue touch the tip of him. He shuddered and grabbed her hair. “Take it, baby. Take it all.”

Opening her mouth wide, she engulfed him within her moist mouth, her tongue sliding around him as she sucked hard. He hit the back of her throat in seconds and she relaxed, letting him fuck her mouth

as she fingered his balls, until they drew up. She pulled back and he let her head go. “Not yet, cowboy. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

She lay down, spreading her legs wide and using her fingers to open her pussy to his hungry gaze. His cock throbbed and glistened with pre-cum. She couldn’t resist reaching up and swiping a finger across his moisture to bring to her lips. “Mmm, tasty,” she said as she ran her finger down her body and into her cream then offered it to Lucky. “Wanna taste?”

 “I want more than a taste.”

Claudia squealed when he grabbed her hand and flipped her over on her stomach, shoving her to her knees, her ass in the air and her head on the pillows.

“What the...”

She peeked back at Lucky who was staring at the large pink plug and said, “Surprise?”

He looked up at her, anger written on his face. “Who…?”

Before he could finish that sentence, she hastened to reply. “It was Pam. She helped me. It’s my wedding present to you.” She wiggled her ass and drew his attention there once again.

 “Do you like it?” she murmured in a sexy moan as he stroked her cheeks with one finger.

He quirked a brow at her. “What do you think?”

“I think you would have liked to have been there when she did this to me.” Claudia laughed.