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Namaste, dear friends! I am Sadie Beauchamp- empath, holistic medicine woman, and crystal collector. I own a small shop near Michigan Avenue in Chicago, live upstairs, and have a business partner, Neil, who is very into the occult.


I also have five soul sisters who love and respect my abilities, although, to be truthful, they don't exactly understand my life. One is a lovely woman who has found her worth. Another is almost as free-spirited as I, merely pacing her cage at the moment. Yet another is a paragon of beauty and grace, with immense restraint and an imminent implosion. My older soul sister has a tragic past, which shapes her personality. Finally, my goth-loving, gun-toting, smart-mouthed sister, who has secrets too painful to reveal, and a brother, Mitchell, who masks his inability to save her by rescuing those the world has forgotten. 


My five soul sisters keep me grounded, and that's why I'm afraid to share my darkest secret with them. I may not have a choice, though. My past is coming back to haunt me. If I tell them, my friend Kimy will probably insist on calling her brother, Mitchell, who tries to save the world. You see, I have a small problem. I think my store is haunted, and someone is after me.


And Mitchell? Well, he scares me—at least I get nervous and shivery whenever he is near. His aura is so murky, I can't begin to read it.


Unfortunately, I'm not sure my heart can stand his presence for that long. Of course, Chloe doesn't think it's anxiety; she believes it's attraction. Me? Attracted to Mitchell? We are complete opposites.

Then again, they say opposites attract…

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