Brandon saw this beautiful creature coming down the stairs toward him and his senses came alive. This was not his demure little Anna. The woman standing before him was confident in her sexuality, bold in attitude and clearly bent on seduction.  As she descended the last few steps, his gaze travelled up from the sexy stilettos to the long legs encased in that barely there dress, and he blanched. “Where the hell is the top to that dress?” he roared.

There was no way he was letting her out in that dress looking like that. With her newfound confidence, she’d have every man panting after her. Pushing his way through his family to the bottom of the stairs, he grabbed Anna’s wrap from the banister and flung it across her breasts, tying it in a big knot in the front and effectively concealing what she sought to reveal.

Anna was in shock. This was not the way the evening was supposed to begin. He was supposed to admire her, tell her she was beautiful and sexy. Not wrap her up like a mummy on Halloween. She blinked back tears, then looked to Angel for help. Brandon intercepted the look and sent a warning frown to his sister in law.

“What are you doing to that beautiful dress?” Ginny demanded as she pushed his hands away and untied the knot, removing Anna’s shawl from around her shoulders.

“That dress is too damn low in front. She’s practically falling out of it. I think she’s got it on backwards,” Brandon told his mother. He looked at Anna. “Turn around.”

Anna’s eyes narrowed at his surly tone, but she did as he asked and then pointed to the zipper on the back. “I do not have it on backwards, and I’ll thank you not to embarrass me further,” she hissed.

Brandon’s eyes began to twitch as he registered the not-so-quiet rebuke from his wife. He knew she was right, but his lust was overriding his common sense. He was making a fool of himself, but dammit, he didn’t need every man in the place ogling her.

“This dress is perfectly acceptable. The lady at the boutique told me this was the newest trend.” Anna stated as she folded her arms across her chest and tapped her foot impatiently.

Her slight action pushed her breasts up further and Brandon blanched. She was definitely about to fall out of that thing. He had to put his foot down or he’d be in misery all evening.

Anna frowned at him. He was ready to explode. Not with lust, but with temper. She could tell by the eye twitchy thing. She glanced at Angel who grimaced in sympathy but offered no help.

Sam settled the matter. “What the matter with you?” he asked Brandon. “She looks lovely. Now let’s go. It’s customary for the host and hostess to be there when their guests arrive.”

As the family filed out to the garage, Brandon took Anna’s arm and placed her shawl around her shoulders crisscrossing the ends in front. “You leave your wrap on and stick by me this evening. And from now on, I’m going to start inspecting what clothes you buy.”

Anna started to object then thought better of it when she looked into his eyes. His outburst of temper was caused by jealousy. She saw the banked desire in his eyes. Well, Anna smiled, this could be fun!