Frequently asked questions

Fun Fact #1:

The setting for Whistlin’ Dixie is Grafton, IL . My family is from the Grafton, IL area and my husband and I actually lived in Grafton for awhile. Our daughter went to kindergarten at the Grafton School and our son was baptized at St. Patrick’s Church. We moved out of the area in March of 1993, and Grafton began flooding in April of ’93. Watching the devastation on TV and hearing about it from my family was something I will never forget. I got facts and video from the news and the feelings and frustrations of the residents from my family members still there. It just coalesced into Whistlin’ Dixie, but it had to be a romance because I firmly believe in happily ever after. As for turning it into a series, well, I just couldn’t tell it all in one book. The characters made me do it!

Fun Fact #2:

The Cover - It's actually my daughter and son-in-law's engagement pic. So yep, that's them. He's tall, dark and handsome. She's short, sassy and sweet. Just like Mac and Dixie. They even have the same coloring. The symbolism was perfect - the box she stands on represents the ways to overcome their issues. The old barn in the background, weathered but still standing. The "00" represents a tie, or stalemate, where no one wins. And the entire cover like a yellowed photo - Tempered in loss, sorrow and pain yet still precious, cherished, timeless.

Fun Fact #3:

Mac-strengths/weakness – His physical strength was honed from years of hard work, not a gym membership. Emotionally, he feels a deep responsibility to his family and to his community. He will do everything in his power to keep his loved ones safe and his town thriving. His weaknesses are a match with Dixie – he’s stubborn and hot tempered. He loves deeply and faithfully, but also is a bit of a control freak.

Dixie – strengths/weaknesses - Well, you might think she’s as sweet as southern tea when you look at her, but she’s got a temper to rival Mac’s. And she’s no pushover; she helped her elderly grandfather raise her younger brother, breezed through college in under four years and knows exactly how to bring a man to his knees, if he gets overly friendly on a short acquaintance. But she’s also lived a very sheltered life so she’s not sure what to make of Mac’s attempts at seduction.

Fun Fact #4:

Although the cover does not depict an “in your face” eroticism, Whistlin’ Dixie is one hot read. It’s just like life; a good life, anyway. There is romance, humor, suspense, and erotica. It’s a real man and a real woman taking the biggest chance of their lives – to trust another human being with their heart. It’s exactly what I have in my life – and exactly what I wish for my children and their mates. It’s a crazy journey, but, whoa, what a ride!