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Understanding the Camera Lighting Techniques Utilizing Color in Photography Studio Practice Portraiture Photography Fashion Photography Still Life & Product Photography Art & Conceptual Photography Wild Life Photography Photo Journalism Interior Photography Professional Practice & Portfolio Development


Students receive ongoing opportunities to intern with industry photographers during the course. Students also work on several professional shoots alongside industry photographers. FAD enjoys unparalleled industry support both through independent professionals and organizations as it works on various industry initiatives through the year. Internships & placements are regularly posted on the FAD Students Union exclusive to our students on the course.


Students have an opportunity to pursue a second semester specializing in Fashion Photography at London College of Style or pursue a 1 Month Semester in Travel Photography at Istituto Europeo di Design. Students can pursue a 3 Months Semester at LCS London tutored by Industry's leading fashion photographers. FAD has a long standing partnership with international institutions giving students an opportunity to transfer between semesters and giving students unparalleled learning exposure. Students are assisted with the admissions to the semester abroad through the Creative Universities Application Centre at FAD. Students are also assisted on the application, visa processing & pre & post departure formalities. Contact the overseas education department at FAD on +91 8551960022 or on


International Curriculum FAD Europe Tour giving unparalleled exposure Semester Abroad in London, Florence or Dubai. Guest faculties from industry Option to specialize in various fields of photography Pursue parallel qualifications Opportunities to freelance during the course Live assignments Ongoing studio support at the campus Collaboration opportunities with Styling & Make Up Artists


The one year intensive programme gives students a blend of technical and creative learning with various explicit skills. Students undergo a sound learning on technical aspects of photography ranging from using various formats of digital technology in photography, lighting techniques, fundamentals of photography & editing for photography using high end professional equipment and resources. The programme allows students to explore their visual communication skills and creative thinking and communicate them through images. Higher emphasis is given on developing the creative ability and fuses individuality and helps each student develop a signature style towards their work. Students explore various projects in fashion, travel, wildlife, product, interior, art & conceptual photography. Further students experience various outdoor shoots, explore live assignments and eventually get opportunities to work under leading photographers as part of the programme. At the end of the year students present their works to the industry at the FAD Emerging Talents Show and further understand the commercial aspects of the industry prior to stepping onto the highly exciting and inspiring industry.